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Marketing Copy for Data Mining Services

Michele Kriegman
 1999, On-line listing with MicroStrategies for The Janus Group database integration consulting firm.



Janus Group, The

Systems Integrator

Bridgewater, NJ


Primary Industries Served
Cross Industry
Electronics/Data Processing

Company Description
The Janus Group has designated DSS services as our "diamond drill" into new clients. We are enthusiastic System Integrator Partners, having invested in Platinum Certification, Sales Force Boot Camp, and education and session tracks at DSS World. We are eager to use our industry expertise in partnership with MicroStrategy, to enhance our ability to offer our clients "high-end" decision support solutions. We envision that this will involve the sale of MicroStrategy DSS software bundled with our marketing, management and technology consulting services.

Our major clients are in the Medical/Healthcare, Telecommunications, Entertainment (Cable and Satellite Services) and Energy Retail industries, among others. They find us attractive because we possess the skills, the process and the technology to maximize their investment in MicroStrategy’s suite of DSS products.

We offer consulting in Marketing and Market Management. Our specific expertise is in the areas of Market Planning and Market Analysis, including: customer segmentation; profiling; database marketing; promotion planning; and, new product introduction. Our other expertise in this area is Marketing Operations, including: list generation; data management; campaign execution and results measurements; and, vendor selection and performance measurements.

We apply to this our expertise in Management: project management; vendor management; process management and re-engineering.

We also apply our expertise in Technology: data management; database design and development; software development and integration; geographical information systems; and, integration and acceptance testing.

In addition to our deep knowledge of MicroStrategy DSS products, we are familiar with systems that utilize multi-dimensional data calculation engines ("cubes") or hybrid OLAPs. We are also Microsoft Certified Solution Providers with expertise in SQL, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

Competitive Advantages
Our client success has been achieved through detailed planning, communication and testing -critical elements of our proven methodology called The Janus 7. This ensures end-to-end implementation repeatability, process sustainability, and high quality, from project initiation through delivery and knowledge transfer.

We begin on a manageable scale, with projects that closely align with a client’s business priorities. They are more likely to reap early results that trail-blaze long-term acceptance for an enterprise-wide solution.

Of course we also do what other consulting firms or IT organizations can do for our client, but THE JANUS GROUP adds the extra measure of intelligence through the design component of our methodology. We use our data normalization, analysis and evaluation experience and judgement to ensure the data are delivered in a timely, user-friendly format, and that they are comprehensive, correct, cleansed, high-quality and actionable.

We do all of this in an environment of high integrity and open, frequent communications within and with our clients.

Product/Solutions Summary
1) Market-Basket or Affinity Analysis from Data-Mining
* Combining External Data Feeds with Internal Product and Sales Data for Monitoring Competition
* Planning Targeted Promotions
* Marketing Campaign Results Reporting
* Determining Seasonal Trends
* Evaluating Product "Footprints" for Telecommunications and Energy Providers

2) Tool Integration
* Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
* Decision Support Systems (DSS) Product Integration for Internet, Intranet or Extranet Sites

3) Tool Customization
* Tailored Executive Information Systems (EIS)
* Virtual Dashboard Monitoring and Alerts-- for when inventory or sales thresholds are reached
* User-Friendly Reports, Graphs and Grids
* Advanced Report Navigation—so users only have access to the reports and functions they need
* Security for Data Base and Decision Support System

4) Customer Segmentation
* Better Understand Customers and Products by Developing Ranking and Statistical Profiles for:
* Key-Customer Identification
* Market Share Analysis
* Promotion of Customer Retention
* Churn Analysis

5) Supply-Chain and Service-Provisioning Value-Chain Analyses
* Develop Rankings and Statistical Profiles to Better Understand Marketing and Distribution Channels
* Fraud Detection
* Inventory Tracking to Eliminate Shortages or Over-Investment in Inventory
* Sales Force Alert Triggers

6) Project Management
* Project Web
* The Janus 7

7) Key Indicator Measurement for Executive Management
* Bridge-Building for Executive Resource Planning (ERP)
* Engineering a Customer-Centric Organizational Structure
* Analysis of Data from Multiple Sources to Provide an Overall Measure of Quality Performance, Profit, or Customer Satisfaction Across Diverse Departments

For More Information
MSI Partnership Manager: Brian Jxxxxxx at 703-XXX-XXXX.






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